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   Guillermo Zamora has a Medicine Degree: From 1990 to 1994 at University Autónoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara Jalisco. Generation 1990-1994 “Dr. Martín García González”.


     During his medical practice Guillermo Zamora has been medical resident (1997) at Xoco Hospital (Federal District Department) and (2000) at Instituto de Seguridad Social Del Estado de México y Municipios (ISSEMYM) in Toluca, Estado de México.


     He did a Post grade: Classical Homeopathy, done at superior education School “Homepatía de Guadalajara, A.C.” (www.hdeg.com.mx)  From January 2001 to November 2003 (with a duration of two years, four months, and six months of social service).

          Dr Zamora is executive Director in México of International Homeopathic Medical Society and American Nutritional Medical Association, Stockton CA, USA. Editor of "Holisthic Medical Hylite International" magazine USA.

           On the June letter of the Magazine "Homeopathy 4 everyone" dedicated to Latin America, Dr. Zamora´s work is mentioned.
           Dr. Zamora has written articles, both Spanish and English in different international websites.

           Dr. Guillermo Zamora is the Translator of the "1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book P & W OpenRep Professional"

   He was licensed by the Institute fo Homoeopathic Meidicine, 2009.
   Homeopathic Researcher by the I.H.M


 Guillermo Zamora has been interviewed by 7 channel (“pacific group), to talk of subjects as “The cancer in the homeopathy”.








   Another received courses:




-Capacitation course of AIDS, July, 1994 at Uruapan Regional General Hospital in Uruapan Michoacán, imparted by COESIDA (various institutes: SDN, ISSSTE, Red cross, DIF, SSA, SEP, IMJUDE, UMSNH, IMSS, PGJ).




-Medical Journeys on June, 1995 at Uruapan General Hospital, in Uruapan Michoacán, (multiple themes).


-Capacitation course of Legal Medicine, September, October, November, 2000, at Attorney’s General Office (PGJ) in Michoacan State.


-Course of Repertorization technical  in “Homeopatía de Guadalajara, A.C.”


-Course of “micobacteriosis” imparted by Sanitary Jurisdiction number 2 of Health Secretary of Michoacán on July, 2002.


-Course of Pediatric homeopathy (2008), México D.F.






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